Radiator cap

Where can I get a higher pressure radiator cap? Are there any disadvantages to using one?

I got a 13 lb. cap at auto-zone, it fit a honda accord i believe. I havent found any dis-advantages only advantages like no more boil-over in the tight -slow woods. I used to loose a little coolant in the slow -going but with the cap and engine-ice onboard...no more loss at all!!!!!!!

I went to my nearest KTM dealer ( I like to support the sport) and bought one right off of the shelf. It came from the 520SX, but I think they are all the same. One of the easiest, and quickest mod's I have ever done!!! :)

the only disadvantage is the bike will run hot if the colant gets very hot but this can be an advantage too because you wont loose coolant so in the long run the bike will run cooler because you have more coolant in the radiator.

:) that was long!!!

Radiator caps are rated by number. Most stock ones are 1.1. KTM's are 1.8 and KX80's are too.

Originally posted by RIDEPATE:

I got a 13 lb. cap at auto-zone, it fit a honda accord i believe.

That's weird. According to my calculations this is ATM vs. PSI:

1.1 - 16

1.2 - 17

1.3 - 19

1.4 - 21

I got this with MS Excel and the "convert" function to Pascals times .000145. So maybe the Pascals to PSI number I'm using is wrong...

Most KX caps I've seen are 1.4. I've tried to find something between 1.1 and 1.4 to no avail.

I switched to a 1.8 cap from a KX80 (following a tip from SFO).

The dealer told me there are two KX caps (the stock part is a 1.4, and the 1.8 is an option), so it's worth checking you're getting the right one..

HICK, hummmm thats all i can say.......it works thats all i know.

Has anyone located a preasure cap with a water temp display, I say one "ONE once on a ktm but I was riding to fast to as I past him by and never say the guy again. :)

It was on a Duke I think I never saw the owner, it was parked outside at a race.....

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I use a 1.6 from a KX-500 or KX-60 I believe.

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