Where to get Water Pump Parts On-line ?

Yesterday I was trail riding with my brother and suddenly my '99 YZ400F started to leak water from the hole above the Water Pump cover, now I'm looking to buy the parts to replace online, any body here may tell me where to get that parts, and what parts do I need to change.......? Any recommendations fixing this problem......?

Thanks in advance ! :)


www.yamahaoftroy.com has good prices and ships quickly. I got my water pump parts from them awhile back.

it sounds like it is one of your o-rings.if this your problem, use the yamaha of troy's website to see the part numbers you need. you can look it up or just follow this link.

the cheapest place i have found for oem parts is a place in PA called bob tracey's. they don't have a good web-site yet, but like i said their prices are awesome. the number is 1-800-860-0686.

they are open mon-fri except wed. I hope this helps.


The '99 may be different than my '98, but my '98 has a weep hole just BELOW the cover. That's an indication the impeller shaft seals are gone. Several people recommended just replacing the outer seal (only requires removing the pump cover and impeller), which I suppose may get you by. I plan to replace the inner as well which is more involved, removing the right side crankcase cover is required. Mine needs a more thorough going over anyway.


the weep hole is to let you know that your pump cover o-ring is bad. the seals that go on the impeller shaft are for oil to lubricate the impeller shaft itself. if these seals go bad i believe you get coolant in your oil, which would be milky oil. he said it was from a hole above the water pump cover, the weep hole is below. go to this link and look at the picture. i believe he needs some #13 o-rings.


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