Grip Glue

Hello everyone. I spent a wet week in northern Michigan trying to ride my WR threw the rain and mud. Now I'm back and I want to install my new Renthal's I bought from Brad a few weeks ago. The question is, what can I use to keep the new grips on the bars? I really didn't want to go buy the grip glue and all that crap. Any suggestions?

Oh ya from a previous post I made about the "Bike Cleaner" the Simple Green worked fantastic!!!!! No pun intended

Thanks, Dennis :)


With my Renthals, I only use two pieces of safety wire. One around the inside of the grip and one in the middle. My grips never move. Then when you want them off, cut the wire and slide them off :)



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Spray paint inside the grips.Slide on while wet and wipe up the excess.When dry works just as well as grip glue.Everyone has a can of spray paint setting around right?

I tried Grip Glue on my Pro-Tapers when I switched over my stock grips. They didn't stick. I used 3-M Weatherstip Adhesive and will never use anything else. Just remeber one thing, glue the grip in two parts. Put the 3-M on the top part of your bars, slide on the grip IN PLACE!!! (it'll stick in 3-5 sec.) Next roll up the rear of your grip and glue the back half. The hole is only there if you use a hand guard that mounts inside your bars.



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I use hairspray... You spray it inside the grip and slide on . It will set within an hour or so works great....


Dries in 5 min and lasts many wet rides.

I use clear RTV silicone as glue. I like the extra cushion it provides and seems to hold well provided you let it dry for a day without touching it. Also wrap safety wire for good measure. Since it's not glue, you can still remove the grip without destroying it.

The downside is you only have about 20 seconds to get it on before it gets tacky. It's slippery until then, though!

Bottom line, safety wire is probably more important in keeping them aligned properly.


I have used the hair spray too but only if I have a problem. I usally just use dish soap to lube the bars up, then it dries into a sticky paste. It has never failed unless the grips get torn in the middle and water gets in, but is still easy to remove by sticking a screw driver down and wetting it up. I ride in the wet and mud alot to with get offs about twice a ride on average, bark busters help alot too in keeping em dry when you plant it in the mud. The spray paint sounds kinda cool, I may try that one some time.

fletchtite never comes loose, don't need wire

ive tried renthal glue [total pants]

best stuff ive found is 3m spray mount from art shops and a few twists of wire [tho i dont think the wire is really needed]

spray both the bars and grips

I use renthal glue and nuffin else.

It never moves for me, so maybe you lot who've used it in vain are doing summat wrong ?

I recently read a tip in Dirtbike or one of the mags about grips. I decided to try great, locked on tight. Here's the recipe: Wrap the bar with friction tape and then spray contact cleaner on the tape so that the grip can slide on. Wait a few hours and the grip will be solid. The contact cleaner melts the adhesive in the friction tape. I'd never go back to wires or hairspray.

With the hairspray.....use the "extra super hold". Put as much on as you want. Don't have to wait for it to dry, just use a jet nozzle on your air compressor and slip it under the grip and blast it for a few seconds. Works like a charm.

It makes it easier for removal. Pry the grip up with a screwdriver and use a spray bottle with water in it. Work the water around the inside of the grip and it slips right off.

This is an old mountain bike trick. For those concerned about it coming off in the rain, I rode all day last Saturday and didn't have any problems. Could some of you be overgripping and have forearms like Popeye?

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