flag mounts

Going to the sand dunes soon and i need to know what the best way to mount a flag to my yz 450. Any ideas would be great!

My bud just drilled a hole thru the middle of his fender, about 2 in. back from the seat.

Made me feel dumb for spending $30 on a armature that still required drilling into the plasic! :thumbsup:

Well i thought about doign that but my only concern was what if the plastic breaks? Ill assume that this was not an issue in your friends case?

Correct...held up great

I made a mount for mine that slides over the axle out of thick aluminum. Works great! Try using some thin steel extruded angle or thicker alunimun. Once cut, drill hole for axle and hole for flag. Viola! :thumbsup:

I have an steel angle that is like 2" x 2" x 2" x .125 thk. It has 2 holes in it. One large one in one of the flanges for the axle bolt and a smaller one in the other flange for the flag.

Only downside of these is that you really have to crank the axle bolt down to keep the flag from spinning. But you get it tight and you wont have any trouble.

David Allen Racing at the entrence to the Dunes has a setup for bikes along with the best (stiffest pole) flags. Their mount setup is two pieces of angle bolted together and mounted on the rear axle. You could get by with one piece of angle but it would have to be 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" with one side cut down to match the slot in the swingarm.

Make sure you have a spark arrester on the muffler. They'll check for that even if they don't do a sound check.

what if the plastic breaks?

It will break, or cause enough stress to give you those attractive white stress marks. Michigan requires a taller pole (10') than almost anywhere else, and the height is considered while under motion. I've seen people refused entry because the flag pole was too flexible so the flag was too low when the person was going to be riding. The leverage from the 10' flag, IMO, would bust the rear fender.

check previous threads I have a great one that bolts inside the rear fender and kicks out the left side behind the seat. I forgot where I got it. It was about 25 bucks.

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