Funny video clip

Has been removed because, even though I left instructions to do so, nobody "Right Clicked and Saved and as a result, exceeded my bandwidth allowance"

THanks blowns. :thumbsup:

LMFAO!!!!!! :lol: THATS HALARIOUS MAN!!! I have watched it several times and just keep laughing. We better watch out for you on the trails and tracks :thumbsup::awww:

I have plenty of bandwidth available... If you want to, PM me a link and I'll put it back up for you. :thumbsup:

I saw it earlier, I think you need a aluminum frame on that thing, I see some flex!

If you have trouble finding a spot, PM me and I'll put it on my web site.

:blush:Id be embarrased if i were you. only jokin good buddy.

hey, will you check the p60 stacker jam on printer A.

buyers tools are piling up. :thumbsup::awww:

I wish everyone would have right clicked and hit save target as as he said. Mikeywhitey..just so you know..I followed your instructions :thumbsup:

Thanks. I will have to call my hosting company and pay some more $$$ for bandwidth. :thumbsup:


Sorry I got your name wrong are the "Mighty_Whitey" :awww::lol:

How big is it? I can host it.

The file is 2.5 megs. I am back up and running now. I paid 40.00 for an additional 1 gig of bandwidth per year. This gives me a grand total of 2 gigs of bandwidth. I can't help but think I am getting taken here. :devil:

I would love for one of you guys to host it for me, PM a email address where I can send the file.

Thanks for helping out.



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