Can the XR650R be licenced in British Columbia?

If so, sources for parts to do the conversion?



I'm in Alberta and after I put the Baja designs dual sport kit on it I was legal. No one inspected it! I should have put on DOT tires and a better mirror but once you get your plate and insurance and the dual sport kit your good to go! You get lots of looks when big red pulls up to the lights all dirty and knarly looking, KLR riders pee pee in thier pants at my 3rd gear wheelies :thumbsup:

I live in Nova Scotia and have my XR650R on the road. The only thing I did was dual sport tires (trail wing 41 front,42 rear) and a mirror, no dual sport kit just need headlight and taillight. I ride alot in the Highlands and the ground is rock and gravel so this tire seems to work for me. The uncorked BRP seems to scare people. Bikesinmud aint wrong when he talks about the looks you get. The only problem I have is that some people don't know hand signals, but I'm in a Cape Breton, country town not a city. Also I found out why guys like supermoto so much, the BRP is awsome on the street. :thumbsup:

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