2002 YZ426 Strange Noise

Most likely it is just the motor sucking air through the air filter. These motors are STRONG and pull a large volume of air, and since you were in a higher gear/lower rpm, there is less engine noise and you can more easily hear this "sucking". Mine does it all the time, nothing to worry about.


My bike is making the same noise. It comes from the right side and only is noticable as i roll on the throttle. I have heard it refered to as the "tweety bird" on the WR side. The consesus is it is normal engine noise. try a search for more info.....JT

02' YZ426F, Pro Tapers, Devol guards, e-line skid, Promoto s/a.

Ya mean that Chunak-gagg-uggg-cha-chink-ping isnt normal :)

Mine does the same thing expecially if I short shift and really let the engine grunt do the thumpin, I think it sound like a blower winding up, it kinda cool...

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Thanks again guys for the replies! I made it through the regional and I am going to Loretta Lynn's in a month and feel better about this noise. Didn't want to drive done there and have problems!

think of the noise as a warning to hang on because when those RPMs build your goin for a ride :)

I was practicing last Wednesday and was using a taller gear in the corners. I noticed on exiting the corner a strange noise when I first started accelerating. It was kinda a tweet noise, almost makes me think of an air leak. It runs great and seems to be jetted correctly.

Has anyone else noticed this type of noise and do you think I should be concerned?



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