New WR owner. Help with lighting.

Hey all...

I just picked up a 1999 WR400F. Was in great shape with only a few scratches. I am using it mostly as a comute bike, about 40 miles a day on the freeway. Weekends it will see a little dirt.

My question: It came with a Baja Designs DS kit already installed. The turn signals were replaced with low profile signals, which are great. The previous owner removed the battery from the system, which affects the lights when you idle or let off the gas. Nasty while waiting at a red light at night... Anyone know how to put a battery into the system? Something that will keep the lights going and also allow me to add a second head light, something like the new diamond lights from BD? I'm not sure if the NiCad type will do enough. A side question about the NiCad... Do they recharge while riding???

Thanks for any help. This forum is great! I read a bunch about the WR before I picked it up.

When I built my dual sport kit for my WR426 I used a 1.2 ah 12 volt sealed lead acid battery. Although I know that BD uses nicad's in their kits IMO they are really not very good batteries to use in a constant charge application. I made a bracket and mounted it in a cutout in the top of the airbox. You can probably pick one up locally but if not Trailtech has them.


You might try switching the tail/stop and turn bulbs to LED types. They draw a LOT less wattage from the system and last longer. LED's do sometimes cause the blink rate to get spastically fast. This can usually be fixed by replacing the flasher relay with a Tridon model EL-12 flasher relay available at almost any auto parts store. It will bilnk at the standard rate no matter how low or high the electrical load is. I have used them a bunch in the past and the only issue I ever had was when some water got inside the relay and corroded it. A little silicone sealant should prevent that from happening if applied before you install it.

Hope this helps :thumbsup:


Either by a electrolytic capacitor 40VDC or so >3,000 mfd. Or put a battery in the system. A small 12v wet battery will work the best. The BD wiring has a connectors for either a battery or a capacitor. You need to use one or the other.

Good luck

A capacitor will charge to the peak voltage of the system and then remain there untill the system requires a spike of current. The Led Blinkers/Tail light will save a TON of current that can be used for the head light. If you don't feel like spending a bunch of money for them you can make you're own. If you are interested in how to send me an email and I will make some directions for you.

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