What is the advantage to having a perimeter frame?

I've ridden every bike around and must say I like the feel of the Yamaha and Suzuki frame better than the Honda and somewhat better than the Kawi.

What is better? Will red and green ever switch back to the regular frame or will yellow, blue and orange change to perimeter?

I bet everyone will stick to what they have, until they find that one is better than the other.

The perimeter frames are a lot wider, but I heard that they are lighter.

I rode my friend's kx250, and the top was so wide, but the bottom was normal, so the pegs only reached out far enough to go halfway under my foot. I ain't every gonna try to jump one of those.

There isnt a perfect frame out. Hondas twin spar alluminum is the strongest though. Thats why all the freestylers ride red.

and because they're light :)

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