Moving to Baltimore, MD for school Places to ride?

Hey All, My wife and I are moving to Baltimore, MD for the next 12 weeks for a rotation there for school. I have been the last 2 years out of the country away from my bike and want to know if it was worth fooling with trying to take my BRP to ride? Don't know how much time is available or even where I'd keep it but thats stuff that can be worked out once I decide what I am going to do! Maybe in Washinton DC after the that time or Detroit, MI but I'll have some time in between to regroup. If its better to ride at those places.

Please help b/c I want to ride b/c I'm loosing my touch and I haven't gotten any saddle time this past week and it doesn't look good before we have to move? Durn school....

Thanks Ya'll


I live in far western MD. Check out some local bike shops. The people there should be able to hook you up with some places. There is a guy down your way, Andris(Andy)Lagzdins that races in the gncc series on quads and has a shop. I'm not sure what the name of the place is. I suggest getting in touch with people at his shop.

Im based out of DC and all I can say is that this area SUCKS !!! :awww: Trees, fences, schit everywhere. Possibilities are very limited in this whole area. Yeah its possible to ride here, but it like the same obstacle infested trail over and over and over and over.. :thumbsup: I never even considered getting back into bikes until I started living in South America. :lol:

There are places to ride in MD. I have done some riding in southern MD by St. Mary's. Also, Maryland's eastern shore is undeveloped and offers awesome riding. There is even a place that is home to hundreds of wild horses. I will be in MD in a couple weeks, as soon as I finish shipping all the parts I have on ebay right now. I live on a boat and take a dirt bike with me when I cruise. My boat is right on the MD border with Va at the moment. My little pic at the left was taken in Annapolis, MD. We should stay in touch as I have no riding buddies on the East Coast. Just a thought and good luck with school. :thumbsup:

If you don't mind driving for a few hours to ride then absolutely bring the bike. The riding out my way is literally endless with a tagged bike. I rode 211 miles the other day from my yard and was never on the same trail twice. There are so many trails, old rail grades, and logging roads on the Natl. forests of VA and WV that I will never be able to ride them all in my lifetime. I also live on a farm in the mountains and have plenty of riding right here at the house. If you bring the bike PM me and we will go for a ride. Here's a link to some pics from a recent ride. :thumbsup:

VA/WV Ride Pics

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