426 Engine- Loud knock

i have a problem with my 2000 426

loud knocking sound on left side.

I have checked timing chain and valves and they are fine and in tune.

Knocking can be very noticible especially when bike is idleing.

Im not sure what it is and i do not know if my bike is safe to ride right now.

Too worryed about having my engine blow.

describe the knocking sound, and also when did it start?

The '00 has a design flaw with the mounting of the counter balancer gear. It is held in place by a key. The key wears over time and shaft becomes loose, hence the noise. This design was corrected in subsequent year models by making the counter balancer fit via splines. You can check this fairly easily by washing the engine first and then laying it over on its left side. Remove the clutch cover on the right side and check the balancer for freeplay.

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