Brake bleeding made easy

This method works great. Most of you probably know about it but all the others will benefit.

Get bottle (honda hp-2 tranny fluid bottles and similar work great). Drill a hole in the cap. Then get some clear rubber hose (like carb breather hose) and stuff a little bit into the hole in the cap. Fill the bottle (not completely) with brake fluid. Drain your brake system, take the cap off the master cylinder, and loosen the bleeder valve. Connect the end of the hose to the bleeder. Then sqeeze the bottle until the master cylnder fills with fluid. While still keeping pressure on the bottle tighten the bleeder. Put the cap back on the master cylinder and pump the lever. If you did it right you should have strong firm feeling brakes. If you dont have good pressure no problem. Just bleed the brakes as you normally would. It should only take a short amount of bleeding to get the remaining air out.

I use this method all the time. It takes about five minutes including assembling and bleeding the remaining air out.

Whole heartidly (sp?) agree.

So I can get rid of the leachesNow RIght ? :)

Good advise thanks will try it out....

Stupid question,

Is the bleeder valve the one on the master cylinder or the one near the front wheel?

Originally posted by Optik:

Stupid question,

Is the bleeder valve the one on the master cylinder or the one near the front wheel?

I believe they are referring to the bleeder nipple down by the caliper.

A large veterinarian syringe also works well for this chore. Next time you drive by a feed store run in and buy a few, they also work good for adjusting fork oil level.

I wondered how long it was gonna take before somebody brought farm animals into this forum! :)

Hick, can you buy a sringe from the feed store? Im in Ca. and just about everything is illegal here, I heard they were going after french fries of all things. Back to point, how big are these syringes, cc wise? 50? 100?

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