XR650R Radiators

Anyone have a set of used XR650R radiators. I am considering buying the IMS radiators for mine, but thought I would look for a used set of factory ones first. I really need the left one the worst.


What happened to yours? There are places that can sometimes fix your radiators if they're bent, or the filler neck is trashed, or they leak, etc. The IMS rads look stout based on the pictures I've seen. I believe Irondude here on TT has the IMS rads.

Tim I have a spare left side radiator. $75 plus shipping.

DOH! I didn't even think about it Mike, sorry--

I would be interested in the left side for 75.00. It was bent when I bought the bike. It doesn't leak, but the plastics won't connect correctly anymore. tpmtaylor@tulsaconnect.com

I'm still looking for a Radiator. What is the name of the place that will repair them?

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