anyone using the E Series Hawkins

Is Hollister Hills enforcing sound checks now to get through the gate? I moved south down to SD a while back, but only remember them doing it as courtesy.

Anyone using the WB E Series Hawkins Super Quite?

I made three runs up to Hollister hills this morning. I have brought my R4 down from a respectable 105.7 to 101.8.

I have made another set of mods hoping it will drop down past 101. If it makes it I will post on how I did it.

If not I was looking at replacements.

Out side of the FMF Q Pipe with the power bomb header or the WB E series Hawkins

Aint too much to pick from.

This Sound Chk crap is just that crap. I got the model number of the meter they are using I am questioning how they test and if they are testing as per the Manufacturing steps.

They shove the end of the meter right into the exhaust, and have this little gismo tat they attach to your tank or what ever and when the antenna starts doing circle your at 4500 rpm

BULL ***p I say

All these freaking HD and WannB HD _Indians. I can here the bikes at my house 10 miles away.


Dang politicions :)

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They are ding a volenteer chk right now, but the staff was telling me the head honcho is gettig perturbed with the lack of volenteer's.

It will be manditory I think this week...

looks like its going to be the aftermarket's responsibility to actually design and build a pipe that is quiet but also increases horsepower. imagine , they'll have to actually spend some money on r&d instead of bending tubing and slapping on a hollow aluminum can !!


How did you drop 4dbs?Inquiring minds want to know.



Blue one

If I pass the last time I will post all the information. I will be there Moday Afternoon, hopefully I can get them to test it...

I think I have the Hawkins, but I am not totally sure. I set out to buy one, but when we looked in the distributer catalogue there was not one listed as "Hawkins". There was one listed as E-Series - Quiet Series along with the others (Pro-Meg, S-Bend...). So I got the "Quiet Series". It has the long E-Series body, diffusor disks, spark arrestor, and a chamber inside the body (as opposed to a straight core). I also have a FMF Power Bomb SX head pipe. I have never been tested, but people have told me that my bike is noticably "less louder" than others.

Is Hollister enforcing red sticker? If not I will try to get down there for a ride and get mine tested.


No Holister is not enforcing the red sticker at all. Juts noise

I would be real intrested if you pass, I will be ter later today and hope to get checked one last time.. If I fail well its hang it up until I can scrape up 300 bucks for a new silencer

I got mine for $240 I think. From Erich at in Livermore.

btw, I hope you made it through the weekend without killing anybody. Are the "bikers" gone yet?


Dont get me started on that one, ya a real family oriented rally it was. lets see I saw or I should say my daughter, wife and I saw, Two freaks urinating on the side of Golds gym at 3pm Saturday on Nash road, two Guys trying to help a third puke out the days beer on the side of fairview with a crowd of kids watching.

Ya a couple of toothless morons with scanks on the back with no tops, hanging down to the muffler, on Sunnyslop and memorial in front of a school.

Ya a real family thing... :)

Ok I got started,

It pisses me off to know end I am 10 + miles away from town, I heard them freaking load good for nothing , scum bag yuppie, cell toten scank on the back wannaB's from my house.

And they chk my sound at 101 at the hills..

Man ther is no justice

But wait. I did see a biker get the freaking crap beat out of him at nob hil?

Ya a real family event...

Mom What does SHOW YOUR T%^^s mean

There is a GOD

Dang it BFlee look what ya gone doen and do to me

Arggggggggg :D

:D Me better now

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