I've always run 91 octane pump gas. I have never needed any carb. adjustments, the bike runs flawlessly with no pinging or anything. It has more power than I can use. I see no reason to go with any other fuel. I think it is a waste of money. My opinion only.

av gas or 100ll does not have the lubricants the regular gas has and you will burn valves..been there done that in race cars...however over the years i've learned to mix a little 2-stroke oil with it or mix it 50-50 with regular gas..and it does make the ole thumper talk :thumbsup:

You know it doesn't matter what type of vehicle forum you read, this question always comes up and is also always a heated debate.

The bottom line is all you need is what the manufacturer recommends in the owners manual. Any less and you'll risk predetonation any more is just a waste of money unless you have upped the compression or advanced the timing.

It doesn't hurt to go a few grades higher than the recommendation, but I wouldn't go any lower at all.

But as this usually turns out, people are going to run what they want to anyhow, just some of us save a few dollars at the pump. :thumbsup:

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