Who Copied WHO>

Read this article HERE

Then...read this one HERE...

Sound familiar? Somebody blatantly copied, word for word, the other's article. What a freaking shame. Plagarism at it's best!

Then Dirty Rotten Scoundruls

They all ot to be hawg tied and wipped


What you have is a press release. Cycle News didn't identify as such, but Racer X (I believe that's who it was anyway) did. You'd be surprised at the amount of press releases you read, that are identified as actual "breaking news".

Cycle News is usually better than that.

Yes. That should have been identified as a press release. It's lame journalism, but at deadline and to fill an empty spot, it can be somewhat forgiven.

One of the worst examples I've seen of this kind of thing actually was committed by Racer X. When Emig (a close D. Coombs pal supposedly) was busted for dope, they ran his press release as an article with no additional reporting. Motocross Action, of all publications, ran it, but identified it as Emig's PR hacks at work and added significant amounts of additional reporting from the relevant police reports, etc.

That's probably the only time MXA will spank Racer X in the reporting department.


I believe I heard one of the guys on DMXS say that Racer X/Davey Coombs does some reports for Cycle News also.

If ya notice, on the Cyclenews site, they show it as "Posted by Chris Jonnum" as opposed to "written by".

Im not defending anyone, but I dont think its the same. Kinda like, "well that depends on what your defintion of is, is". Who said that?

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