Converting a YZF to a WR?

So, I'm trying to find a WR400/426 in my price range, $2400 or so, here in Boise..but I'm not having much luck. What I can find in my price range however are a bunch of YZF400/426's. Would it be feasible or cost effective to convert the YZF to a WR? What am I looking kit, flywheel, chainrings? Or, should I just get a WR to begin with?

Depends on what aspect of the WR you are looking for. Is it just the lights? If so, then a lighting kit might be a reasonably priced modification.

If you want a true WR, the main difference is the transmission gearing. Case can be split and gears changed out, but IMO, it would be cheaper to find a WR to start with. Differences are:

1. WR has a wide ratio tranny - better for trail and highway riding.

2. WR has stator and lights already.

3. WR has heavier flywheel.

4. WR has spark arrestor, needed in most states for off-road.

5. WR has 18" rear wheel, YZF has 19". 18" better off-road traction and control.

6. WR has a kickstand!!! I'll never own a bike without one again!

7. WR has larger fuel tank.

8. WR has coolant overflow. Alot of folks claim that they have removed it without ant negative implications. If you keep moving, you don't need it, but when you stop to wait for your riding buddies (you know, those guys on XR's and DRZ's), you'll need to shut off the engine or risk coolant loss.

There are other minor differences such a carb, odometer. If you really want a WR, you could easily spend a couple thousand $$ converting a YZF. Figure out what WR features you want and you can figure out the cost.

Any last but not least... Welcome to the TT forum :thumbsup:.

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