I started up my bike today and when the pipe got hot I noticed a little smoke coming up from the area where the pipe goes into the head. OIL IS COMING OUT OF THE TINY HOLE RIGHT BY THE COMPRESSION LEVER ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD.What could this be. Has this happend to any of you? The bike has only had about 7 gallons of gas run through the motor.

Thanks for your responses in advance,


How is your oil level? Make shure you check it when the bike is warm.

it must be the seal because my oil level is good. It has never done this before and I have started it up about 15 times since my last oil change. Thats weird that I seal would go out on a 2002.

yeah, if your oil level is too high, you could be burning oil. also the seal on your decompression lever rod may be bad. adjust your oil level, thne see if it still does this. btw, how much oil is coming out? a few drops may not be abnormal.

it could be a flaw in the design, or maybe your was installed wrong. perhaps some dirt just jhappened to get caught and tear into the seal. what i mean is these things happen, regardless of the year of your bike. it shouldnt cost more than 5 bucks for the seal and about 20 minutes of work at most.

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