2004 xr650r engine noise

Hello, hoping someone here can help me out on a question, I have a 04 xr650r with 90 miles on it and the engine has always been noisy on the bottom end, lots of gear noise etc. Yesterday I noticed at a standstill with the clutch in and shifting into 1st gear it has a clunk going into first, if I go from neutral to second it clunks even louder(yes the clutch freeplay is correct and the oil has been changed with Honda 4 stroke oil) How noisy are these engines supposed to be? I have had xr600's in the past and never noticed so much noise. One other thing, if I put my ear directly against the clutch cover or the cover on the opposite side there is a squeal in there, you can't hear a squeal unless you have your ear directly against the cover, I'm a little worried and since this is my first 650 I was hoping you all could shed some light on this. This bike is still stock, not uncorked yet. Thanks a lot!!!

Take it to the dealer to be checked out. Did you buy the extended warranty? If not, do it. 4 years bumper ro bumper for a dirt bike is to good to pass up. My XR650 never made those sounds. However when the right footpeg broke off, they fixed it for free. BTW, the right footpeg is prone to breaking off. The rear bolt breaks off in the frame. Pickup a Precision Concepts right footpeg mount and you will not have to worry about it far from home.

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