YEA BABY YEA!!!! Im on my way. PRO Nationals. Got a cooler full-o-beer. And Im out the door.

SE YA!!!

I'm missing Red Bud this year for the first time in 8 years ... I'm bummed, but my wife and I had a baby boy 4 weeks ago and I'll stick around home this year.

On the other hand, I'm going to go out and ride our local track for a couple of hours. Just as good. See ya at Red Bud next year!

Responsibility Sucks don’t it....

On the other hand it don’t, I would not miss any day with my kids. Well maybe except a personal Victoria Secrets Show :)

But what would that prove?

I'm too fat too old and way out of shape

Gad where is the Prozac I'm depressed now

Have fun

[ July 07, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

i get chills just from thinkin about that place :) maybe i'll be able to go next year, it didn't work out this year for me


I feel sooo much better now that I have had my Red Bud fix :):D:D . That place is awsome. I absoutely love it. The smell of race gas was thick in the air.

RC is a FREEK!!

Stewart is INSANE!

I found a section of the track were I could actually stand on the berm right before the monza bowl. Like 4 inches away from the bikes. I could feel the ground move beneth my feet when they hit the berm. I was getting roosted on by the top riders in the world. I got DIRT in my BEER.

Try getting that close at a supercross.

Arrghhhh I love that place :D:D:D

whats the leap look like when they hit it? :)

Sick. There was a few 125cc riders doing it. Thats takes balls :):D:D

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