i am wanting a little more pep for the bike

sure it is dam fast as is but just want to improve on that

what is the best bang for your buck?

i do some trail riding and alot of drags down dirt roads

it seems right now that there is a fuel shutoff in 4th gear or is it just revved out? feels like it has more left but just governed somehow

anyways what is the best recommendation for the bike?

new exhaust?

new sprockets?

please any input is great! :thumbsup:

if your satisfied with how quick the bike is but, want more top end speed the cheap way would probably be take a couple teeth off th back sprocket

Or add a tooth or two to the front sprocket.

If you've got it pinned and it starts popping then you're probably on the rev limiter. The ignition system starts cutting the spark to prevent it from revving too high and coming apart.

say i added 1 tooth to the front sprocket...

how bad would this hurt my acceleration?

i would imagine it would just stretch the gears more and slow down the acceleration a little?

it wont kill the take off will it?

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