OT: Question for the Mini Dads

just bought the yungin' a Cobra PW3 ... any of y'all familiar with these bikes? Their manual says to only use the COBRA 2-CYCLE RACE OIL and the COBRA 3 SHOE CLUTCH MILK ... any of you using different lubes? If so, what are you running?


I take care of the Factory Cobra DT team. Stick to what Cobra recommends...We have done massive amounts of testing to come up with what we feel is the best for the performance. Cobra is 100% behind their riders, so trust them when they have something to say! Tdub

Thanks ... any good places to buy parts / lubes, etc.? We've got nothing I know of in this neck of the woods. I ordered the bike direct from cobramotorcycle.com.

Order everything direct from Cobra!

If you will check out the mini bike forum on Dirtrider.net (did i say that?), there is a guy named Jasle who is always there and is pretty darned sharp on the Cobras, actually all the minis. I would feel very comfortable taking his advice. I think he is actually a Cobra dealer now, but I still feel he will shoot you good practical advice.


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