YZ250F or YZ450F - which one should I get?

OK here is the deal. I have an 04 YZ450F and just sold my 03 YZ450F - love both bikes. The last couple of vet riders I ran into at the track have both sold there blue or red 450s for 250 four strokes. All have said that they have faster lap times on the new 250Fs. I have to start wondering would I be faster on a 250F or stick with my 450F. BTW I can beat both of the 250F guys on my 450F :thumbsup: Maybe I just answered my own question. Has anyone rode both the 250F and 450F? What do you think?

I just can't imagine enjoying the 250F as much as my nitro 450F.


The 250 imo is a blast to ride,its a lot more easy to handle.Its almost like a 125 on steroids.I went with the 450 for the power,iam 200lbs and think i would beat the eyes out of it after a while.Perhaps a 250 with a big bore kit? :thumbsup:

I would say it depends on your weight and your riding.. I ride a 450 myself.. 210 lbs and race expert.. Everyone in my class is on a 450 or 250 2 stroke.. If you race alot.. i would not even waste my time on a 250f.. You will get killed on starts.. Maybe a modified 250f is different but I say stick to your guns and ride the 450. But hey if your light then so be it the 250f would probably be great for you..and a whole lotta fun. :thumbsup:

drop the f, go for the yz250

450F... I did the same thing.. traded my R1.. 250F is gutless..450F wheelies! :thumbsup:

I am used to wheeling over rough sections at will. I weigh 175 and still NEED the power. I rode a friends 250F and wholly cow - what a gutless machine. Part of the riding fun is kicking anyones a$$ on a 125s or 250Fs.


I sold my 400f to get a 250F. I had an 01 and then an 03 250F. The 03 was a great bike, it turns great, was easy to move around on, had OK power. I traded my 250 to a guy for his 450 and generally do not regret it. The 450 does not turn as easy as the 250 but the extra power makes doing some of the obstacles a lot easier. A friend has a 250 and 450 and we road at Mammoth Bar a few weeks back. When I road his 250, chasing him on his 450, I could always stay with him, but never had the punch to pass him. Once I got on the 450 and he on his 250, I slowly pulled away. If you can afford both, great. The 450 makes a great desert bike and a pretty good MOTO bike.

450F, Its an easy pick, all that power??? Come on. Why go down. My son has a YZ250F. Its a fun bike to ride, you can throw it around like a 125 but how can you leave all that power on the table? Go with the 450 and use the power as needed.

If I were in your position,that is, I had a 04 450f is was going to keep, and I had the cash from selling my 03, I'd buy a 250F and have one of each. They're a LOT of fun to ride in tighter situations. They are a smaller motorcycle, powerwise, and have to be ridden differently than a big bike, but it's a gas to take to a bunch of guys in your favorite hilly trail spot and have somebody on a CRF450 say "Wait a minute. Did you just say that's a 250???".

But,if it was an either/or deal, and I could only have one, it would always be the big one.

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