Handle bar Help!

I have a set of Tag T2 bars yz style, these bars are a little on the long side as it is. I now have a set of acerbis rally pro hand gards which makes these bars even longer, almost to long for some of the trails that I ride. Can anybody tell me if it is ok to cut some length off of the bars? and will it effect the integrity of them. I sure would hate to have to go out and buy new bars seeing that these a practically new already... Give me some pointers guys, thanks

As long as they are not oversize there should not be a problem just make sure that you file down the end of the handle bars so that they do not cut into the throttle tube and grip. Just make sure that you do not cut off too much of the bars so that you run out of room to fit all the controls on, and to insure that your guards will still make it.

Thanks for the input....Just to add to the question, it would only be about 1/2 inch off each side maybe a little more.

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