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Anyone have to replace their valve cover gasket(s)?

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On 11/24/2020 at 9:56 AM, randysoo said:

ok, I'll bite. I bet it gets hard to start (sign of your valves getting tight) within the next 100 hours.

Good luck

By the time the bike gets hard to start, the valves will have been overheated, valve faces pounded, the valves will be toast throwaway stuff, not to mention the seats will need to be redone. If the valve does not open fully, it will develop extra heat, and can lose a valve face, then it goes from a $1k head to a $6k+ motor. 

‘These new style motors are not your fathers Briggs and Stratton anymore. 

‘There is no logical common sense reasons for not adjusting your valves, sorry.

I bought a shim kit for $110.00, spent an hour resetting my 2 of my valves just a few tenths of a thousand to ensure my valves were perfectly in the middle of the range. That was at 120 hours, getting ready to check ‘em again this winter at 250 hours. The instructions on the Beta USA site are easy peezy. 
There’s a crazy myth that if you don't rev your motor your valves will not change their clearances, bu**s$*t total joke, maybe on an archaic Honda 650L motor not a precision Beta motor. 

Over the years many folks that toast their motors, just sell off the remaining good parts once they see how much Beta wants for a replacement motor. ☹️

I just looked, Kibblewhite does not make replacement top end kits for any Beta, so we’re at the mercy of the Beta factory. 

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On the topic of not replacing your valve cover gasket when servicing the valves.It's like reusing a condom.You could but why would you? The risks outweigh any perceived savings.

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