Favor to ask of someone living near Montrose PA or Unadilla

On July 20 I am going to Montrose to ride then Unadilla on Sun to watch race. I only have an open trailer (not inclosed) and do not feel comfortable paking it over night at motel or Unadilla for the day. Does anyone live near by that would be willing to let me park my trailer their till the end of Unadilla? I would really appreciate it. Also if you do live close why don't you come to Montrose to ride with us and go to Unadilla? THANKS!

Have 2 bikes on trailer and size is approx 5 by 8.

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I live about 45 minutes South of Montrose. Im sure we could work something out. I have a race that Sunday so I wont be going to the National :) .. oh well there's always Broome. email me npuza@hotmail.com


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