Honda style brake routing

I have absolutely terrible front brakes . can anyone tell me what to do about this . Is it just the brake line on the front , is it the pads , do I need to buy a steel braided line and new pads . My bike is fairly new , its an 01 but didnt get taken out of the crate until Feb 2 of this year . and I dont race so they arent worn out .

You werent very specific on what the brakes are doing wrong. Check the pads and make shure they aren't worn out. If your brakes are mushy, try to bleed them. If they are still mushy, then check the line to see if it is expanding anywhere while you pull the lever. If it is, you need a new brake line. If they are just not gripping, then they may be contaminated. Try taking the pads off, and cleaning the rotor with contact cleaner or alchohol. Then, put some sand paper down on something flat, and sand down the pads a little bit. If this doesn't work, you may need new pads. Just avoid getting grease or oil on the brakes.

I have a 2000 model and my front brakes really sucked. Since these bikes require the use of alot of front brake I decided to go all out and get the Fastline brake line and some new pads. My front brakes work very well now and it took me awhile to get used to the new stopping power since I was now coming into corners too slow.

Anyways I would recommend just getting new brake pads first cuz they made the biggest difference. The brake line gave the brakes a firmer feel, but not as firm as I had expected. I ended up getting the Braking CM44 pads, I have heard alot of good things about the DP Pro MX pads but the shop was out of them.

Be sure that your brakes are bled properly, there should be alot of tips on this site about brake bleeding.

Good Luck...

where does one go about getting a Honda - fastlane line ?

To route like a CR... or not to route like a CR... that is the question. Weather you route it like that or not, the problem is the hose expanding, and a steel braided line prevents that & applies the pressure to the pads. The foot or so less isn't that critical, if you have a braided hose, and it's a whole lot easier to just run a braided line the stock way. I personally have a CR routed Fastline, and it was ok, but not a dramatic difference. The best money I spent was $100 for a complete CR 250 master cylinder. That's what really makes Honda brakes so awesome. If you run handguards, like I do, get em for a Honda & you just modify the clutch side to fit the YZ. Just my 2 cents worth....

My breaks kinda sucked too. I did this. I got a new set of stock pads, the Honda rt. fastlane line and sanded the disc with 320 wet or dry to strip the glaze off. Now it works really good. Right off the bat, Id try bleeding the brake to eliminate that problem and see if that improves it some. If it does, you can look forward to even better brakes with the Honda rt. line.

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