Help; cleaning tarnished spokes

Does antone know of anything other than polishes and steel wool that you have to scrub with. Looking for something less time consuming and will get off tarnish near the hub where there is "NOT" much space to scrub.

two words "super clean". this stuff works awesome. spray it on, give it 30 seconds and spray it off with water. be very careful not to get it in your wheel bearings, because it is a degreaser. i use it two ways. 1) spray it on a toothbrush then scrub and rinse. 2) spray it directly on the part then let it set up and power wash it off. i read an article once in a magazine about "bikes don't get greasy they get dirty so don't use degreaser" screw that guy!! this stuff is so easy to clean with. it's made by castrol and comes in a purple bottle. you can get it almost anywhere. BE CAREFUL not to spray it on your air box boot or any material like this. use simple green instead. it has less fumes and is a lot gentler cleaner. give it longer to set up though, about 2 minutes. then rinse.


Thanks for the info. I will give it a try.

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