Gereral question on Coolant change / Maint

Just a general question on when to change the coolant.

The Manual says 2 years; The Coolant specs say 2 years.

I say every hot summer

I don’t know, just want to get a consensus on how often you all are changing the coolant

I don’t want to get into what coolants, or use water wetter or pour Pepsi in it, just want a ratio of when you change it....

I change it whenever I have to drain it to work on the bike. Like when you change the piston.

If I don't have to drain it for other purposes, I change mine twice a year. I run 25% antifreeze / 75% distilled water with Water Wetter for hot weather. And 50% antifreeze / 50% water with Watter Wetter for cool weather.

i do mine once a year with a top end

Hey Ego I just changed mine for the first time about a week ago and I've had the bike since Dec.99. It was still green and still working.


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