yz450f...for me or not????

Im the proud owner of a 660r raptor and I want to switch from quads to motocross..its been since I was 7 I rode atvs but never rode a single motocross...still I have experience with two wheeler with my scooter....even if it doesnt compare to a motocross....so I want to buy a yamaha for sure since im sponsored by them right now and wanted to know if the yz450f was for me....I am 5foot 8inches and 15 yr old and weighs 120lbs....I saw the seat height at 39 so I tought I couldnt drive it but I saw the yz80 has 34 of seat height!!....so I wanna know if yall think I should buy this bike or a smaller one....keeping in mind my size, I never rode a mx and I want to race with it....tell me if im in the right direction with the yz450f or not..if not tell me wich motocross would best fit me then...thx yall in advance

If you weigh only 120# then it may be a bit big for you. If you can find someone who will let you test it out then that would be best. Given your size maybe you would be better off with the YZF250 or something similar.


get yourself a yz250f and ride it for a year or two. at your weight the 250f will go like a scalded cat. sheez at my weight (180) the 250f goes like a scalded cat! anyway, i think that the big 450f is going to be a handful for you -- it's like nuclear power: good when properly utilized but a real mess if done otherwise. meanwhile, the 450f is heavier than the 250f and this you should take into consideration; 1) in the beginning you will have to pick it up a lot and 2) it will take more body english to move it around on the track and in the air. so, get an '02 or '03 yz250f from your boys at yamaha, learn the whole 4stroke starting/handling/maintanence scheme, and in the meantime you'll be having a blast riding it.

the 250f is VERY competetitive in the 125 MX class, you'll be holeshotting the starts and getting less arm pump during the moto. if you are racing GNCC, harescrambles, or enduros you should change the gearing a bit, maybe add some flywheel weight, and in no time you'll have a good woods/trails bike. if that's the case maybe you may want to start with a wr250f, but if you are riding primarily motocross get the yz250f.

jim aka the wrooster

I would get the YZ450 and put the nitrous kit on it. I would also hire someone to start it for you> I think once you put all your 120 lb's on the kick starter it won't budge. Then pay someone to video tape your first ride for the Thumper Talk members enjoyment.

ur so funny beezer!!by the way u guys all tell me to take the yz250f because of the weight..but the yz450f weights the same!!!!!....and ir ur talking size..its the same as the yz250f too...

The 426 was my first real bike, I did have a 1990 KTM 80 though when I was 13. Me being 5'7" I initially had trouble with the seat height until I shaved the seat down, it looks similar to a freestyle seat now. Its easier to handle and start, especially on slopes. Honda has a seat height of 37.2 while the Yamaha is 39.3. I dont know what Yamaha was thinking, the world is not all 6' people. Eventually I plan to go back to the regular size SDG seat, but for now the shaved seat makes learning a whole lot easier.

those crazy kids :D

they may weigh the same (if you say so) but have fun hangin on to the 450 when you whack that throttle :) if you were 170 or above you may have a shot, theres guys on here that are 250+ like myself and we all agree that this thing (400+426) still pulls like it wants to rip your arms out of the sockets.

go 10 hard laps on a 400 or 426 and then a 250f and see which bike you have more fun and are less tired on

seb,,,how would we know,,,no ones ridden one yet


Im going to have to disagree with you slightly. Like you said, whack the throttle and the 426/450 is a beast to hang on to. On the other hand it is one of the easiest bikes to ride aside from the 250F. Unlike the 125 and 250, the 426/450 power is much easier to control. You can lug it around and dont have to be on it all the time like the 125 and the trackability is much better than the 250 with a much smoother powerband. I agree, things can get hairy pretty quickly if you dont watch out. But, either way having 220 pounds out of control or 250 pounds out of control, either way you are screwed. The 4-stroke is more forgiving.

lol! agreed :)

other thing I tought is the 450 having only 4 speeds I will be shifting less so it will be easier...tell me if im wrong....and anyone can tell me how to shave seat or where I can buy freestyle seat?

Seb, hard as it is to believe I was once a skinny little weasel such as yourself. It is easy to get introduced to Mister Pain on a big bike. If the YZ450 is a fast as the YZ426 it's going to scare the crap out of you when you turn the throttle. I would also wonder why your parents hate you so much. Why would they allow a 120 lb brat on a 6000 dollar quad or a 6300 dollar YZ. And thats in real money not that worthless Canadian money. Are they trying to kill you? I would get a food taster. If you or your parents were smart they would get you on a YZ-125. You would learn how to ride the thing. Then you could roost loudmouths like myself. Don't take this too personally as everyone broke my balls when I was your age. To live through it is a rite of passage.

Originally posted by beezer:

Seb, hard as it is to believe I was once a skinny little weasel such as yourself... I would also wonder why your parents hate you so much... Are they trying to kill you? I would get a food taster.

You sir, are hilarious. LMAO


beezer in some cases ur right...but u see my father as done raced for 10 years on quad and 2 on motocross so he know if I can drive this or not...and he knows I can control this beast because im used to riding hard all my quads and u wouldnt believe how I can drive that thing..its not a matter of pounds here....the matter is my size but with the idea of shaving the seat im pretty sure ill go with 450...by the way beezer..the 450 is WAY more powerfull than the 426..ill keep u updated to what ill do...im going to see at my dealer this week to try on some yzs...maybe ill exchange my raptor this week and kill myself this weekend with my 450!! :) loll


If you are already sponsored by Yamaha, then ask them to provide you an opportunity to test drive various size dirtbikes.

You may already be used to speed on a quad, but dirtbike handling is entirely different. Why do you think that Pro riders usually come up through the classes. Experience is gained slowly and you don't want to get killed learning. :)

you'll have alot more fun, thats for sure, its exciting. i was doing up to 45' doubles on my raptor (at the same time bending rims and axles :) ) its easy on quads, so when you get a bike dont think you can be "the man" and start off at the top of your class,

i had to start over and learn how the bike acts in the air and how to bring a whipped bike back and how to turn and all that other fun stuff (oh yes, they whip, even if you dont want em to, thats the fun part!)

in my year and a half of owning a raptor, i wrecked it once. did about 200 dollars worth of damage, bent right front rim bent bars and broke the reverse switch and brake lever. my bike that ive had since march, ive wrecked about 15 times and only have bent the stock bars. and bikes dont break axles or bend rims when you jump them, well not unless you're a pro. tires are cheaper too! they also hold their value better than quads...i put 2000 dollars of high po goodies on my raptor and sold it for 5200, you shouldnt lose very much in a bike :D

easier maintanence too!

Originally posted by Seb:

.maybe ill exchange my raptor this week and kill myself this weekend with my 450!! :) loll

Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm This weekend?

I'll bet you can turn faster lap times on the 250F than you can the 450F. I'm not saying you can't ride a 450, it just you'll spend more time fighting the power output rather than racing the bike.

Read your own sig line.

Seb, I think what everyone is trying to tell you whithout being rude, is dont go out and get the 450 just cuz its the 450. Bigger is better when your lookin at breasts (female :D ) not moto bikes.

Alot of fellas on this forum went through the same hard lesson as I did, hopin on a big bike, without the skills, body weight, or wizdom to have fun on it. I know im sounding like an old father preachin to a kid, but dude from what Ive read in your post, it sounds like you would have much more fun on a two smoke 125, or the 250f.

Either that or you can fight the 450 for a year or two before you actually have any worthwhile fun on it.

I have had my 426 for like 3 or 4 months now, Im at 175lbs and have riding experience from my teeny years and find the 426 a handfull to keep on top of and continue my learning....

(no offense intended in this post, just remember myself at the Kawi dealer thinkin "hell i need somethin bigger then a 125, ha ha, if only I would have known :) )

Sometimes I think you guys are so in love with 4 strokes it shuts your brains off, the only bike this little child should be riding is a yz 125 of not an 80. I can bench 330 pounds and squat 540 and sometimes I think my 426 is going to fall over on me. My point is, even the 250F is too heavy.

hate two strokes..u only get problems with them..beside I prefer the sound and power output of the 4 strokes...also theirs engine braking and everything...thank u guys for ur advices...ill go sit on some at my yam dealer...ill see there and come back to tell u what I think after cause I wont be buying them this week cause they dont have them in stock..... :) still im not sure for 450 or 250 since some say they have one and shave the seat and their okay and everything....im almost 5foot9inches just mesured myself and im still growing....anyway ill see when ill try them...by the way thumper4life I dont want to get to pro right there...I know it will take me a lot of time since im new in the motocross business...but one thing that made me good in quads is perseverance(when I was 8 but he im still the same butthead guy who will do anything to be good)so it should help me a little..I hope loll

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