yz450f...for me or not????

When I was young my Daddy would buy me any motorcycle I wanted. Daddy felt it was silly to teach me the value of money or learn the feeling of accomplishment. I never did any maintenance because if it broke I got a new one. When I got bored with them I would ghost ride them into traffic.

husker I was talking about the ttr125 4 stroke...I know the yz125 will work....I finally bought myself a MOTOCROSS!!!!!I couldnt had the best day to make myself an idea...the thing is I was with my father and a friend of mind who is top model....when at the dealer she met a guy that she knew that races a lot and that is pretty good...he has a yz250f and even races and WIN against crf450....so he told me better off with a 250 4 stroke because 2 strokes arent enough reliable.....and he knows about it believe me....he also told me if I wanted he would invite me at a track to show me how to ride hard with a cross....he probably told me this because of my top model friend lol....anyway I bought a 250 4stroke but not a yam....I tried many and chose the drz250 because he his MUCH lower and its way better that way...just had a little problem with sponsor but I made it work so yam will sponsor me back when ill buy a yam...ill just buy a 450 in like 2 yrs if im good enough....thx ya guys for the advices....and beezer I paid myself my raptor and got the drz250 trade for trade....if ya think im the little guy who daddy pays all ask me ill show u my bank acount.....(not much left because of the raptor but im restarting to work since its summer).....anyway cia guys and thx to all even the jerks who told im a kid....a lot of people told me that when I was riding my raptor...until they rode with me......

Well, I for one am very impressed that you are financially responsible enough to buy a bike for yourself. It is becoming more and more rare these days to see that kind of initiative and enterprise in young folks ("kids" is just an expression that us older guys use to refer to the younger generation). Well done!

I'm sure your dad is looking out for you and that you will be happy with the choice you have made. Not sure I get the importance of bringing a model down to the dealership to choose a bike, but I can see where it might work in your favor in negotiating the trade. :D

So a YZF racer recommended the DRZ, huh? Oh well, guess you had to be there. The important thing is that you got something that you feel comfortable on. Good luck. :)

Good for you Seb

Have fun be safe and whats your model friends Number :) at least you can post a pic or two for us ol dawgs

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There is a 14 year old kid who lives at one of the tracks I ride, in fact his dad is the owner. He rides a 125 in the open class. If there isn't a pro class on a given night, the open class is usually the fastest. If he doesn't crash, he can lap me in a 5 lap race. I've started the same gate with the open dudes on several occasions. They scare me. On a 125, or whatever he wants to ride, this kid is fast. It's all rider...

newriver the guy didnt tell me to buy a suzuki..he told me a 250 4 stroke...but man the yzf is 39 foot tall....in 2yrs ill be okay but for now I prefer to keep in touch with the ground....man I cant figure out how those 5foot7 guys ride a 426!and hey newriver....I know people dont really meen it when they call u kid...I already call youngsters that....for the pix im picking the bike 2morrow and ill probably take a pic...and when ill go to the track with the friend of my top model friend(not bragin here) ill take some pics too...

EGO:sorry shes too hot 4 u lol...but hey if u want to see her come to montreal shes competing in a big bar in montreal called the scratch...shes competing to be Miss Scratch...tonight at 10 at the Bar Le Scratch in Brossard on the south coast of Montreal....in case some people here live near shes really hot...too bad im too young to enter the bar..well i see her so often :)

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Originally posted by Seb:

newriver the guy didnt tell me to buy a suzuki..he told me a 250 4 stroke...but man the yzf is 39 foot tall....

Just playin' with ya. :)

I'm also about 5'8", so believe me, I know what you mean by "39 FOOT tall". :D

(I know you meant inches)

yeah I meant 39 inches and eh newriver wat bike u have???

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Well im 14 5'4 and i race 80s. If this kid rides good it might be good for him, I ride my pops wr250f and i wipe it around like noting but then again I've been on a bike since I was 3 so... I really want to get the new 450f to and I think I can use all that power and they made so nice features this year so im try to talk my old man into getting me one.

What's this? A 14 yr old calling ya' a KID??? Shouldn't he be saying like "sir" or something...?

[Just messing with you guys :D ]

I ride an '01WR250F. Love it. I used to "wipe it around like noting". Then I got used to the seat height and I don't fall down as much anymore. [still messin' with ya' motoman170 :D ]

Now, I whip it around like it's nothing. :):D:D

i hope i can get a 450f soon. i'm 15, about 5' 10" and have been riding since i was 4. i have a kdx200 right now(its quite a bit faster than a 125, it has an fmf pipe which makes a BIG diff, i have dyno results too which prove it). i still want more power and the kdx is to short for my likeing at about 36". i love the way the 4 strokes sound and the low end will be good around here when i can't get to the track. the susp is also bad on the kdx(as expected)i hit a jump coming around an uphill bend about 30 ft with no landing. i went up about 15-20 ft and out about 30ft and my head went over the handle bars and it wobled all over the place.

motoman dont be stupid I wanted a 450 and tought it was WAY too high for me and im 5foot8.....ur5foot4.....man its gonna be like riding a horse with wheels 4 u!!!!!!

Im 5'7" and have an '02 426. After shaving the seat they become alot more "tame" to ride. I must have lowered it 2". Its the difference between not touching at all and touching on the balls of my feet when centered on the bike. Stops on un-even ground are OK now and starting is much easier too. Only disadvantage that I can think of is its a little harder to slide way up on the tank when cornering. But on the other hand, your center of gravity is 2 inches lower than normal riding position. Eventually i guess Ill get comfortable enough to go back to a regualr seat, but I enjoy the ease of the shaved seat for now.

I dont believe that the power is too much, as a matter of fact I think that its power is much tamer and most versitile than the 250 2-stroke. I rode a 99 YZ250 for a day and I really dislike the sketchy rear traction and unpredictable powerband in comparsion. If I want to I can literally crawl up steeps with the 426. With the 250 it seems like its all or nothing. Ill agree its a good motocross bike, but the 426 is by far a better trail bike, so you kinda get the best of both worlds on the 426.

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man r u a girl to shave ur seat....it must hurt if u land hard or something!if u know wat i mean....

I supposed all the freestylers are girls too, god knows they NEVER land hard. Dont be foolish. Its actually opposite from what you think. Being able to touch the ground with your feet easier releases alot of pressure from the "taint" and the wider base makes more contact with your sit bones which is also more comfortable. A shaved seat is realy a non issue, seing how you stand up 90% of the time, and are never seated during jumps.

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hey seb,

i rode a yz 125 and then jumped to a 426, i only weigh 140 pounds and i can handl it on a motocross track and in the desert.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the DRZ250 the worlds slowest motorcycle?

nope beezer and its one of the best XC bike around....and Yak its that a LOT of people at the dealer told me so....but I never rode one so....man I cant wait to get my drz 2day!!!!

Good luck, Seb. Nothing like the feeling when you bring your baby home. :D

Work on #1 now that you have #2 covered. Worry about #3 later. Practice, practice, practice. :)

oh Seb, Sounds like you may have the same type of dealers that I have, where everybody claims to be a "pro" yet they get all nervious when you call them on something technical or about how well they ride. Thats a silly comment they made.

For a person my size, it was neccessary. If it was a honda or zuk it wouldnt be. Seeing as those brand are around 37 seat height. Yamaha was drunk when they chose 39.3. Why would I risk dumping my bike more and causing damage to my brand new bike and possibly myself if a little shaving can remedy it. The touhgh guy attitude that goes with the spodes at the dealerships arounf the US is getting really old, I dont know of any dealer that I honestly like going to.

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