yz450f...for me or not????

Hey seb man i now its a big bike but i ride may freinds kdx,ktm 520, ktm 200, and the wr250f and altough i can only touch with one leg I can start them one the first kick. SO as long as I can start it and lift it up ill raide anything.

ive ridden 3 hrs 2day with my drz...man if I couldnt touch the ground ill be dead by now!...those who dont touch the grounds u must be pretty good...anyway now I know why u guys call atvs couchs....ur so in control with a mx!...for my first ride ever on a motocross I think I did pretty good....I fell 2-3 times turning thats it..but he I wasnt going too fast so...I cant wait to jump with this beast!!!!now I just gotta make my turning skills better and have more control in deep sand....I could show u pics I taken of my bike but I dunno how make it for u to see...tell me how I can make it....

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