busted crankcase cover

Twice in the last 5 rides I have kicked up something (a board laying in the middle of no where the first time) into my left crankcase cover and punched a hole in it. I purchased a used crankcase cover on ebay for 23.00 delivered. The thing goes for 100.00 at the dealer. I have JB welded both holes so far and works fine. I do not like the Idea of JB on my bike since it is sitll fairly new to me. I don't want to put the good cover on untill I remedy this problem. I also noticed a nice gouge in the frame in the same area. I am looking for a skid plate to protect these spots and have not been able to find one. There are plenty to protect the frame. I just can't find protection for my crankcase. HELP PLEASE :devil::thumbsup::awww::lol:

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