450 this week need a few nic nacs..

Ok I am getting my new 450 this week..Selling my 04 crf 450 and jumping on the yz 450.

So what are you guys doing besides a chain? The triple clamps if im not mistaken dont allow bar risers?? Any of you runnin rg3 clamps ??what offset are you running and did they help.. I am leaving the exhaust stock.. But i am getting my suspension all done.. How is the jetting stock?? what about the gearing? i ride strictly motocross no trails.is stock gearing good? Anything you guys can recomend will be greatly appreciated.. i want to get everything the day I pick up the bike since i will tear it all down and lube everything then I can slap on the clamps ..chain ect..

Thanks guys :thumbsup:

Igot mine it has a real bad flat spot on the bottom end, i fixed it buy getting a FMF Q pipe and now its great. Make sure you get a stage 2 power up kit I got the dyno kit and love it.

well I have been readin/ searching all over this place.. Mods are TPS and storm linkage.. I will have the suspension done.. I am still wondering about the clamps..Offset?? I have to run bar risers and yamaha screws you by putting that pos triple clamp on the you cant put bar risers on it.. You have to buy the triple clamp so since i gotta do that what offset you guys running or are you.. Anybody running the low pegs? How are they..Or a "guts" high seat.. Anyone?

Anyone???????? :thumbsup:

I put a Pro Taper top clamp on so I could install the big bars (Tag). Stock offset but have the bar clamps in a forward position where the bars ore directly over the fork tubes. I'm 6'3" and have found no need for a higher seat or lowered pegs. I also added a Z-Start and a 8oz crank weight, but then again I'm a vet and trying to get back into it after 25 years away from the sport.

Im also 6'3.. A seat may do you good.. I have ran them on my last 4 bikes and they do make things easier on the knees.. I just wonder with people saying that these bikes dont turn well that people are running offset clamps. I have to get a clamps because i run 10mm bar risers on all the bike sI have owned in the last 6 years and it really makes a difference for me. I only ride motox and found on my crf when i ride ruts my knee is still on my grips if the ruts are deep and if people are saying the yzf's are cramped then I need to get everything done at once to make this thing ridable for me. I will keep doing research on here but if anyone has any set up tips for full on moto id appreciate it.. Thanks for the reply rorhound :thumbsup:

.....putting that pos triple clamp on the you cant put bar risers on it.. You have to buy the triple clamp so since i gotta do that what offset you guys running or are you.......

If you don't mind not being able to move the bars forward and backward, you can get a set of adapters to change from the stock 3/8" bar to the fat bar. These adapters fit ON TOP of the stock triple clamp and raise the bars about 1/2". They make special bar bends that take the 1/2" rise into account, but there is no reason you can't use a standard bend and use that 1/2" to raise the bar. The adapters on my bike are made by Answer, I believe TAG also makes a set. Anyway, these are cheaper than buying an entire t-clamp.

Second, if you need a kit (t-clamp w/adjustable bar position and bar) and you don't mind the stock bend then look at the TAG privateer kit. It includes everything; bar, top T-clamp, pad, grips. The only downer is the kits only come with the stock bar bends, but the t-clamps will allow you to move the bars forward. Just food for thought.

I just got my new 450 on friday. I am also 6'3" and i ride mx only. All i did was transfer the universal bar mounts (TAG) and my pro-tapers from my 426. This was all i needed. I didnt have a problem feeling comfortable right away. I have never found the need to buy aftermarket clamps but i may try it with this bike. As for cornering, This bike is far better than my 426, I dont see how people have a problem with turning this bike... it rails!

Put some tall bars on it and set the sag! Go ride!

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