Decompression Lever position

I was just curious if anyone knows the pros and cons of spinning the lever around so that it is underneath the clutch lever. I mounted some bar risers and noticed the decomp cable pulled tight and stalled the bike when I turn to the right. The quick fix was to reposition it underneath and that did the trick. I noticed that Tim Ferry has his underneath as well but he rides MX. Will I catch more branches? Is it more suseptable to breaking on a fall?



It's your world, I just play in it!

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Wayne, I don't think it can be much worse, if at all, re-positioning it.

If it works for you, than make it so!!


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Bulldog, whatever works for you. If you are ever planning on getting the Ty Davis hot start switch you may want to re-think it though. The hot start SW mounts right onto the compression release bracket. The two together is very convient. Also, however you set it up make sure that you can hold in the clutch and compression release at the same time. One final consideration, having that little lever easily accessible has saved me from quite a few stalls because you can just pull it in and release to bump start your bike without even comming to a stop! Again, the clutch and c-release need to be arranged so that you can pull both at same time. Good luck. Paul

Be very careful of using your decompression lever to bump start your bike.

My clutch basket blew up doing that very thing.

1998 clutch baskets were known to be weak.

Too bad I did not find out before I had to split my cases to get all the pieces out.

Hmmm, I wonder if we could swing it to the right side. It seems that might be less tricky than trying to juggle two levers at the same time with one hand. I am much more use to doing that with the right (no rude comments here please :) ) between the throttle and break and you dont have to screw with the throttle durring the start drill.

Bulldog, i repositioned my decomp lever after my first ride & like it much better down there; didn't like the thing sticking out up high. although i've got acerbis hand-guards & i think they protect the whole area,i ALWAYS fall on my left side & have never had a problem w/the decomp lever on the bottom. try it out; what the hey, right? bobwombat

Well, I did take a previous soil sample that claimed my lever while in the top position. $9.00 later and I was back in business. So far I like the new position, although I have found it tricky with the clutch and lever at the same time, I guess like all things it may just take a little getting used to.

Thanks for the responses. I was waiting for that one person to tell me "Wait, you idiot! Don't you know...?" :) But it never came. i guess I'm safe.

I just repositioned my CR lever below my clutch lever. I promptly went out and endo'ed last weekend. I am relatively sure I would have broken the lever in the upper position if it were still there. There is a recent post on the YZ side on this same subject...

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