Black smoke and loss of some compression?

Yesterday I decided to go for a small ride. I took it out. I did the routine but 1st kick didnt start(I didnt kick hard enough,lazy)So I tried again and it was WOULD NOT GET TO THE COMPRESSION STROKE?Some how after awile it started AND i GAVE IT A COUPLE REVS AND BLACK SMOKE CAME OUT? BUT I TOOK IT FOR A SMALL RIDE AND RAN FINE? wHAT WAS WRONG?

I would check the decompression cable routing, it may have gotten snagged, pinched, or it may be frayed. Also, try lubing the cables. Good luck.

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Don't worry about it! When I let my bike sit for some time..a week +...mine does the same thing. Once it start it should run fine. If it is running good...ride the snot out of it.


Seems like the exhaust valves stick a tad now and then. Mine did the same thing a couple of times. I do this now. After washing etc, or prior to storage, I bump the thing around like Im going to start it, then dont start it. Just leave the engine a little past top dead center. That way the valves are closed for sure. And If somebody gets wise and twists the throttle on ya a couple times no big deal. The fuel will puddle in the intake port as opposed to running down in the cylinder where its not likely it will evaporate. At least thats my theroy.

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