What shift lever ???

The splines on the shift lever on my '00 426 finally stripped out. Should I just buy another stock lever, or have any of you had good results (price and performance) with an aftermarket model?

I'm running an IMS Pro Series. I'm not happy with it at all. It was rubbing my ignition cover, so I had to bend it out so it would clear. After about 6 rides it was just as loose as the stock one. My boot has rubbed the paint off of it and it is starting to rust. Maybe a moose or MSR would be better...but I would almost bet that they are all made by the same company.?

my friends are running moose shifters on their 00 426 and 01 yz125...they haven't complained yet

Moose for me. It's steel. Just one less martini per week and I can offset the weight penalty. Also, $25 vs. $60+ for the stocker helped make the choice.


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