float leval

my bike is showing a lean plug and pipe, after the bk mod, im all the way up to a 175 main, 45 pilot, screw at 1.5 out, runs real good but showin lean..my question is on the float leval, do i check it with the float pushing the spring loaded pin in, but not the float needle, or where its just touching the spring loaded pin thats made into needle?..mine is at 9mm with spring pushed in, but not pushing needle?..sound right?


You sound rich. I run lean but even compared to stock you sound rich. What we're missing is the needle and clip position. Most of us are on the needle probably 80% of the time. I'm probably on the pilot more than I am on the main. Try that next.

Rotate the carb until the 'slack' is taken out of the needle vavle but the needle valve has not moved. Then measure the height of the crown (partially upside down) of the float above the bowl flange.

Good luck,


If your float is at 9mm its correct per everything Ive ever read about the FCR.

What are you calling lean? What part of the plug are you reading? Because, with the type of plug this bike uses, you cant get a decent plug reading without cutting the porcelin out of the plug to read it properly. The tip of the plug isnt what you want to see. My advice, if it runs good and doesnt foul plugs, just ride it.

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