Oil filter screen

This may be a dumb question, but I don't know how to get the oil filter screen off the bike for cleaning. Once the hose clamp is loosened, there doesn't seem to be room to pull the two pieces apart.

You need to get a wrench and unscrew the screen out of the bottom of the frame.

Do you guys clean the screen with every oil change? I just picked up a yz426f last week and just completed my first oil change. I changed the filter, and pulled the screen off to be cleaned.... It was spotless. Is this something worth checking every oil change, or would regular oil filter changes with an occassional inspection of the screen be good? I also found it a real pain to get in and out.

use a LONG socket. It is the only way to get that off without stripping it.

If you find lots of shavings in the oil, you will want to clean it more regularly. Personally since I went to the Hinson clutch basket, there is no shavings in the oil now. super clean! But I try to clean that about every 10 rides. Filter changed every 3.

If you have trouble separating the hose from the fitting, you may find it useful to disconnect the bottom end of the feed tube at the crankcase cover, on the right side below the oil filter housing. Remove the retaining bolt, and swing it outward. There is a doweling, or guide sleeve and an o-ring under this fitting, don't lose or damage them. Depending on the case protection on that side of your bike, you will have less resistance to pulling the hose down with both ends free.

The screen does not need to be cleaned or inspected at each oil change, but should be at each 3rd or 4th, or any time you find anything unusual stuck to a magnetic drain plug.

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