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poor man's softer seat...

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OK, I'm saving every extra penny for a steering dampener, and didn't want to shell out $50+ for aftermarket soft seat foam to put an end to the dreaded monkey butt. So, I decided to try an alternative, and it worked!

I took the seat cover off, stared at the virgin "concrete" foam long and hard, and then reached for the drill. I marked off a grid with a felt pen, and drilled a series of 1/4" vertical holes down through the foam. The drill bit kind of tore up the foam around the edges of the holes, but not too bad. This wasn't soft enough, so I went back and put more holes in it, this time using a #1 phillips screw driver to poke down into the foam. The screwdriver worked much better than the drill, and left cleaner holes. The holes are spaced about 1/2" apart. I put the stock seat cover back on, and presto...... softer seat. Not a lot softer, and maybe not quite as soft as my buddy's GUTS soft foam, but nevertheless, noticebly softer.

And I'm one step closer to that dampener! :)

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