Renthal bar question.

My bro had a get off on his xr650r today and bent the bars pretty bad. Even cracked them. I was wondering if you can get renthal bars in cr high bend and have them fit in the stock triple clamps and use all the stock hardware? Thanks.

That what I had on mine until I went with Pro Taper bars. They worked fine with all of the stock cables and clamps.

So should they also work with his maier xc barkbusters? I forgot to mention that. Thanks.

Regular bars yes, I had them, in CR high...Fat Bars no!

The maier XC handguards will work too without a problem with the Renthal bars assuming you have the small diameter ends that came with the handguards. The bar ends on the aluminum bars are different then the steel stock bars.

Alrighty guys, Thanks! Im going to order the bars out of tomorrow. Thanks for the help. Now just switch everything out on the bars now....... :thumbsup::devil:

Where did you buy your bars at. I looked in my rocky mountain atv mag. and couldnt find the bars I want. Where do I need to call to get some. Thanks.

I wish I could help but I got them through a local shop. I told them what I wanted and they ordered them for me so I am not sure where they got them from. :thumbsup:

call Rocky mountain at 1-800-336-5437. They list the renthals you are looking for by bike model and year. I'm sure they will know which bikes ran the CR high bend and will be able to help you out.

rocky mountain part # R7221-01 in silver R7221-05 in titanium.

Thanks don! Now are those the cr high bend that will fit in the stock triple clamps? Also how much are those before I order them. I wont order till tomorrow.

my friend gave me the stock bars that came on his 04 CRF450 and they fit no problem.The only thing is that they are a bit different shape that the origional XR bars, so it takes a mile or two to fully understand them. -Matt

yes those are the stock replacements $59.99

So are they the cr high bend? Thanks.

you talking to me? The stock numbers I provided are for CR high bend.

Yeah I looked them up and they just said they were for the cr500, cr250, cr125 89-91. But I guess thats what cr high bend bars are. :awww: Well I got some bars comeing to me from some place else that are cheaper than what rockymountain has for them. Thanks for the help. :thumbsup::devil:

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