Am I the only short guy

I didn't think I was that short at 5'9" but it seems like my 426 is even taller than last year. Anyone else notice the problem also? It makes the starts kinda tough as I can only put one foot down. I hope the 450 has a lower seat!

I am 6'2", I have a hard time starting my 00 426 flat footed, I always make sure I can get my Left foot on a knol or grade, rock or park bench seat. Just about a few inches higher so I can get a good kick

And by the way Napoleon was a short dude I heard :)

Slymax, I know what you mean!

I am 5'7" .... I ride 99' WR400. I lowered the sring preset and in 3 months had a blown seal. Where I ride it is a definite advantage to touch terra firma! 75% of my falls (not crashes) are due to the fact I can't touch the ground, to start I've got to get up on the kickstand. Short sending the suspension off to be "cut down" , I don't know what i'm going to do .... the 450 is going to be no better! I'm tried of spending money, time, and effort, think I'll switch to horseback riding. Good luck getting a bike that fits!

Shut up!!!!!!!*&%$^%$&*%

I'm 5'5 and I have had to shave my seats down 2 inches. Now, it's all good at 35.5 inches. :)

5'9 short? are you crazy!!!!!

I don't know why Yamaha makes the bikes so tall. I think the Hondas are about 2 inches shorter. That's why I bought the CRF450R (37.5 inches).

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5'9 short? are you crazy!!!!!


Word! Im 5'8, Now that you mention it I guess im a little short. Good thing I mostly ride desert.

DL :)

I am short too but never have found it to be a problem. After the start gate when do you need to touch the ground? You can reach the footpegs cant you?

EGO if ur short im god...come 6foot2inches thats not short at all!!!!

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