Sparkplug boot pops off!

I have been riding a 2000 YZ 426 and during the last hare scramble I DNF as the bike died on the last lap ... After I was towed in I checked out the bike and found that the sparkplug boot had poped off. I changed the plug and put the boot back on it she fired right up...

Since then the same thing has happened several times since then during practice. Has anyone experienced this and what could be causeing it?

Your spark plug vent hole is plugged. It is that little hole on the right side of your cylinder. Blow it out with a air compressor until you can hear and feel the air coming out or the top and you will be ready to go.

Agreed, sounds like the hole is plugged.

Man that would suck! 5 second fix coulda saved your finish. Bummer.

same thing happened to me a few times, it was a plugged vent as well. when riding if the bike started to die, i just reached downa nd tried to push down the plug boot, man i got zapped pretty good!

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