mess up !?

I just got through putting new bars and grips on my bike.. We had to torque pretty hard on the throttle side in order to get the grip on and straight before the glue dried. After i replaced all of the levers Throttle and Hand gaurds, and cranked her up the engine was idling at a pretty high rmp almost like it is being given gas. I checked the throttle and it is not being turned or in a bind. Have i messed something up or can i simply turn down the idle set on the engine, is it that simple of a fix or should i check something else. The reason i am asking is when i turned the idle set it seems to be working ok now but i just wanting to make sure there was nothing underlying that i should check on.

fyi,you can use the idle knob/screw,,,you also have a t.p.s.(throttle position sensor) on your keihn carb. you need a voltmeter with an ohm's setting to adjust. there is a specific procedure to check the sensors resistance then a mathmatical equation that will give you your propper ohm level while throttle is at full close. then you will loosen the sensor while hooked up to the meter and adjust it to the predetermined reading.

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