Modified Tailgate

I saw a Chevy truck that had a tailgate with two slots cut into it for motorcycle back tires so you can transport the bikes with the tailgate up.

Has anyone else seen this and do you know where I can get one? I have emailed Chevy but got no reply yet. It is not on their accessories list. May have been custom made.

picture or did u actually see it?

If I am thinking of the same thing you are talking about, it was a Chevy/Fox Concept truck. It was a crew cab, with a SC engine, built in loading ramps, slots in the tailgate for tires, on board air compressor etc. Too bad it will never see production. And this is coming from a die hard Ford fan, but if Chevy ever made it, I would give it a serious look! The ultimate bike hauler!

sawzall!make it your self! :)

I saw a truck similar at Red Bud last Sunday. Only it was an Oakley / Chevy concept. It had similar slots in the tailgate. Only it had bubbles out the back ot the tailgate to acomidate the tires. Kinda strange but way cool.

The truck you saw (and which is pictured in the thread) is the Fox Racing concept truck.

Oakley has a similar one now, but not with cutouts, but with, as yzman400 says, "bubbles" for the wheels.

They are not for sale, probably because the customisation costs more than people are willing to pay for.


I think I would buy the long bed instead. Looks neat though.

The truck is awesome except for the Kawasakis in the bed of the truck, at least put some red or blue up there.

I like it. There are times I want a full tailgate though. Removing/swapping is easy on my f150. Hmmm, maybe a trip to the junkyard for an extra...

thats the fox racing edition chevy silverado. its a bad ass truck. 6.0 liter supercharged v8 with 500+hp. air compressor, electricity convertor, bed boxes built into the sides, side access bed, nav system, fox racing leather seats. billet rims, the whole kit-n-kabootle. and i dont know why thos KAWASUCKY's were int he bed, they should be YAMI's.


by the way, for those of you interested, chevy WILL release a limited amount of these concept trucks. yes thats right, YOU CAN BUY IT! how much? i dont know, but i know it will be released, at least a few will.

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