best moto-x video

Now I can't believe that no one has said "Winners take All" that is the greatest dirtbike movie of all time!! Mid 80's dirtbikes at their best!! If you haven't seen it go rent it if you can find it at your video store!! Frank :)

Have you guys seen "Moto Crossed". It is a Disney movie but there are some great riding shots in there. Actually Pastrana and Mcgrath are in the movie. I have watched that flick about 3 times on t.v.....It's something that the kiddies can watch but is entertaining for you too.


Winner takes all? :):D:D Isn't that the movie where the guy has the american flag gas tank(no not easyrider) and wins the supercross on like a 1975 bike?


Don't you mean a Jim Stafford narrated film!! :D:D:D:D


I hate to say it but I have watched motocrossed 2x on Disney LOL, that girl is hot as hell till she cuts all that hair off!

Winners take all is the movie with the flag gastank, that movie rocked in the 80's and still does today!! Frank :)

I agree with FastFrank, That chick is hot, even with her hair cut off

I have seen that move probably a dozen times my daighter loves it, so she watches it at least 3 times a month or more, along with my On-any-Sunday, creature from the black lagoon, Planet of the apes (Original 5) and the lastest (Blah), Star trek, Star wars happy gilmore, and so on..

How about that "CHiP'S" episode with "the phantom," who rides a red (CR?) dirtbike down the street in a perpetual wheelie? That was cool. :)

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There is nothing sexier to me than a hot chick that knows dirtbikes and how to ride one!! What do you guys think??? this topic has gotten way off base I must say!! LOL Frank :)

to second that, I have been married and divorced already at 24, so I am not settling down again till I find a woman that loves motorcycles as much as me and will let me ride whenever and whatever I want, and a kick ass job would be nice for her to have also so she can buy me the bikes. Ahhh that would the life, some of you out there are lucky enough to have that! I am so jealous!! Frank :)

p.s. if she is as hot as the chick in motocrossed that would be nice too!! :D

Well I am waiting for the re release of Debbie Does MX :)


I thinks it is the MX gear and the fantasy of Victoria Secrets underneath.

Or Maybe Victoria Secrets should make riding gear for the Miss's


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i like motohead

Ego I couldn't agree more, dirtgirl's rule, dam I got to get off of here you got me all hot and bothered thinking about dirtgirl's all sweaty in their riding gear and victoria's secrets, later gotta go, Frank :) lol lol lol

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