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supercross AMA Banned Helmet mounted cams

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11 hours ago, mxaniac said:

I'm convinced the 6D technology is best for helmets.  They are really effing expensive, I bought both my kids one and myself, and I'm a tight wad.  This was taking away beer money for me!  I don't think MIPS is the solution.  Regardless, the Monster girls could change my mind 🙂  I have several pictures of my son with them when he flagged for a Pro race.  If I recall correctly this is right AFTER the chest mounted video footage I posted on about page 2 that resulted in 2 plates, 5 screws, and 3 months in a wheel chair for him just before his wedding.  I was 5 feet behind him when it happened and had to block traffic on the jump takeoff for what seemed like an eternity afterwards to prevent further wreckage.  I had no idea what happened to him, it actually wrecked me for a long time too.  So wear good safety gear, buy a 6D, and eff the AMA, and ALWAYS hand out with the Monster girls.

Thanks for this post! :cheers:

Before your post, I hadn't even considered a 6D helmet.  I thought it was just another company having a helmet private labeled for them...  I've been wearing Arai since the early '90s, because of the fit, and crashes where the helmet was ruined but I was completely fine.   I have a Bell Moto-9 Carbon (replaced the last Arai that was getting old), and I'm not convinced enough to wear it for racing, or even aggressive trail riding.  It just doesn't give me the same fit and confidence the previous Arai gave me.  I think the Moto-9 that sponsored pro riders wear, is a different helmet than what us mortals get.

Funny, with all the marketing out there, I never even considered the 6D.  So would probably have bought another Arai.  If I end up buying one, they owe you a spiff, and a position on their marketing team... lol


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So, the pro riders can still run them on their helmets but not us amateurs. Nice. Obviously it isn't that dangerous if guys that can easily run twice as fast as us mere mortals can run them. Screw the AMA.

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