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Jd Jetting tuner stock settings

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Anybody got a screenshot of the stock, enduro, and open exhaust settings for the JD Jetting FI tuner. I picked up a functional used FI tuner but it didn't come with the manual. Getting the RMX into shape slowly. Still need a tank but it can wait. The taller softer seat from Guts racing is a real winner.




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I'm not done tuning but here's the settings so far with my FMF TI Powercore with a Quite Core insert. 

The Rmx felt great on a free flowing cross country type course with these settings. I still need more testing on  tight enduro trails. 

So far so good.

Green 5

Yellow 6

Red 4.5

Green Blue 4.5

Yellow Blue. 5.    Maybe 4.5

Red Blue 5

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   I need to test in some tighter trails to really give an educated answer. I've only tested on a free flowing cross country track with just a couple of tight turns. I tested a little before using the quiet core insert running only the spark arrestor and the JD open exhaust setting felt pretty good with minimal flameouts. That testing session crapped out when my battery died. After that I inserted the quite core, but I needed to bump up the fuel to the current settings. Too many flameouts. I thought the more back pressure of the quite core would give different results. I guessed I might need to go leaner with less air flow from the more restricted FMF. It didn't work out that way. Kind of a head scratcher... I need to double check my TPS setting and also the idle rpm might be off. I noticed that the bike seemed to be a little thirsty for FI. My idle might be too high. I'm trying to space out the new parts so I still need a tach/hour meter.

      Jimmy Lewis of Dirt Bike Test stated that the RMX could be made run from mild to wild with the Red-Blue accelerator pump setting. Not to sure on that one but I have read the same thing about ktm 500exc-w.

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