Replacement radiator???

I was trying to tweak my right radiator back into shape and it started leaking. Can I have it repaired at a radiator shop or is that a bad idea? I have seen people on here talk of a thicker replacement with more cooling capacity. What is it, where do I get it and how much???? If I do get the thicker radiator, which guards work with both it and the stocker on the left side? I am thinking the Devol would not fit.

The thing that really sucks is I was just about to order stiffer springs. Now that money has to go to an exciting purchase like a radiator.

Off to search old posts for info.....

I think the IMS/Fluidyne is what you're asking about.

Rocky Mountain has 'em for $360.

You could probably get yours fixed, though.

Thanks! I was just at the IMS website. The list price was $399 there. that for only one side??? I will have to break out my RockyMountainMC catalog. I am surprized I haven't seen the radiators in there. I thought I had that catalog memerized by now.

Anyone got an extra right side radiator hanging around???


i've had a lot of good experience with fontana radiator works. they have fixed core shots and bent radiators. i have a fresh set i've been using since april and my old set for a back up.

looks like you're on the east coast so i'm not sure how you feel about shipping them to fontana for repair. chances are there are good auto radiator repair shops in your region who moonlight with bikes. a lot of guys claim to fix bent radiators with wood and saftey wire as well. do a search on tt.

i think irondude was either running the big radiators from ims or getting ready to. i'm picking up a set next week but am going through my bike over the summer so won't have any feedback on them till it cools off this fall.

Thanks TC. I've been working the phones and found a radiator repair shop an hour away that says he can fix a tiny hole with epoxy for $45. Does anyone have any opinion on this? Is that the standard repair technique for a tiny hole in an aluminum radiator??? $45 + $60 for devol guards. Getting out of this for $100 would be pretty good.

I've fixed many a radiator with JB Weld or similar epoxies/ putties. It's worked great for me and my riding buddies. I used to carry a tube of fast setting/high temp epoxy putty on my longer rides for that reason. radiators don't seam to like rocks or trees.

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