HELP, Twisted Oil filter

I just bought a scotts oil filter and rode 80 miles on it. When I took it out to change my oil it was twisted and bent. WHY? why would it do this? :thumbsup:

wrong size? maybe you placed i wrong then when you put the cover on it got squeezed?

Got any pictures of it?

I had the same problem once. When I took out the old oil filter it was all twisted up and on further inspection I found that there were 2 of the seals stuck together on the inside of the case which obviously didn't provide the proper amount of space for the oil filter. That was the last time I had a dealer change my oil. So check in the case behind the filter and see if there are any oil filter seals stuck in there.


Scotts oil filter only has one rubber gasket that in on the side pointing out.

ya it only has one gasket


That is why I use the cheap paper filters! :thumbsup::devil::awww: mean like $11.00 from the dealer...not to cheap in my mind.

Once you figure that you can use them 4 or 5 times, you drop the price down to around $2-3 for each oil change. I have yet to buy a new filter, got 4 oil changes on it and it looks like new after I clean it up. Seems pretty cheap to me. Just my 2c.


Just a thought, on both my yz400f and wr450 sometimes the rubber will pull off of the "old dirty" filter and stay inside of your case. When a second filter is installed the spacing is no longer correct and the "new clean" filter will be crushed and twisted... :thumbsup:

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